[Samba] Re: File owner / group

paul kölle paul at subsignal.org
Tue Jun 14 10:53:18 GMT 2005

ljerem at fi.uba.ar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a Samba 3.0.13 with ACL support running under SuSE and acting as a
> PDC for the hole organization.
> Among some shares, there's one that has about ten subdirectories.
> Everybody can access this share and restrictions are applied over those
> subdirs.
> The problem is that, for example, when I create a file (or modify it with
> Word or Exel) in the Finances subdirectory, the file has my primary group
> as GID (Technology, in this case).
> What I need to do is to force Samba to create files with a specific GID
> for each of those subdirectories.
Does the file just needs to include this GID in it's ACLs or does it
need to be owned by that GID? The former is achieved by adding that
group to the inheritable ACLs for the directory holding the file, for
the latter I don't know if it is possible, AFAIK one cannot mandate
ownership through ACLs and I don't know if "force group" plays well with
ACL's... (just try the latter and report back if it works).


BTW: use setfacl/getfacl from Linux or whatever your OS provides, I
haven't found documentation in what way the various settings of the
"permissions" dialog from W2k/XP translate through samba to posix ACLs.

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