[Samba] Codepage conversion between 2.2.8 and 3.0.14 - what's 2.2.8 default charset on disk?

Fabio Muzzi liste at kurgan.org
Mon Jun 13 13:05:26 GMT 2005

  I  have  to  upgrade  a  2.2.8a (Debian) installation to 3.0.14a (Debian
  too).  I  have  quite  everything  clear but I am afraid I will get into
  trouble with the filename encoding on disk.

  The current samba installation has no explicit codepage declared for the
  file system, and running "testparm" gives only these settings (which are
  default) for codepages and charsets:

        coding system =
        client code page = 850
        code page directory = /usr/share/samba/codepages
        character set =

  The  system's  current  locale  is  "POSIX".

  I have never worried about charset before because the files in the samba
  shares  need  to  be  accessed only by samba (not locally from Linux) so
  even  if  I  had  inconsistent  file names between samba and local shell
  access,  I was not worried, but now that I need to upgrade Smaba, I need
  to mantain consistent names between samba 2.x and samba 3.x.

  I  suppose  I will need to run convmv on the directories that are shared
  by samba to translate the file names to UTF-8, but the question is: what
  charset is in use now? From the testparm output I could not guess it, so
  i don't know how to convert my files.



  Fabio "Kurgan" Muzzi

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