[Samba] Can't maintain a connection to the Server 2003 ADS on a subdomain

Daniel Kvitko dkvitko at rhbank.com
Mon Jun 13 13:37:28 GMT 2005

Hello to every Samba expert out there,

We've been having a hard time figuring out a particular problem with Samba.
After joining the Server 2003 ADS, which is on a different subnet - just
going through a router, the membership would drop all of a sudden.
Everything works great when the Samba server is on the same subnet as the
Server 2003 ADS. I have posted some details on forums, here is a link if you
need to see the configuration:

I have been struggling for weeks and really need some insight from some
experts. The purpose of the Samba servers is just for file sharing and we
really do not want to install Microsoft Servers. If there is no one here
that can offer any assistance, then I guess there isn't anyone out there
that can.

Thank you,
Daniel Kvitko - Rockingham Heritage Bank IT Dept

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