[Samba] Re: Re: Re: Problems with testing Openldapservertelnetloc alhost 389

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Jun 10 11:14:09 GMT 2005

Andreas Bauer wrote:
>>> But I need smbpasswd accounts?
> Tony Earnshaw schrieb
>> All the accounts go into LDAP. All users, machines, groups, are in
>> LDAP. Nothing should go into /etc/passwd.
> I do not mean in /etc/passwd, but create an account like smbpasswd -a
> -u user in /etc/samba/ or with pdbedit -a -u user. Because, I need a
> password to log in as a LDAPuser from my windows client in LDAP
> Server.   
> Many thanks
> Andreas

 it seems like you are getting plenty of help and in the process the person
who is helping you is reinventing the wheel.  I know how hard it is getting
to grips with all the things that go into making a successful samba domain
with an ldapsam backend but it really seems like you haven't taken the time
to read the samba guide:


It has some hearty recipes that can really help you.

The answer to the above is that you use some scripts to add users to the
ldap backend.  The smbldap-tools, despite what Tony Earnshaw thinks of them,
work fine in the majority of situations.  Particularly the 8.9 series.
Please read the guide to see how to put it all together.  

Come back with questions saying things like " I got to the happy users
chapter section x.x.x and my logs show this is happening:

<Paste logs>

How do I resolve this?

Regards Geoff

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