[Samba] Win xp can get all access

Casper kl at os.lv
Fri Jun 10 10:41:33 GMT 2005


  I run in strange problem. I have Samba server 3.0.11 where is few 
departament directory. All directory have only one user who can get 
access and password for it. Now in few days I run in problem, that I 
have one user and one computer with fresh win xp with all updates 
installed where this user with own password can after writing password 
access for all directorys... If I put another dep. password in this 
computer it can`t get to other password, but with one particular 
password it get to all directory... With other computers I can to make 
it. In log shows, when it is in own directory has own user, but when it 
goes to another diretocty it shows another user, without even writing 
password, but with full access to it... Have anybody experience some 
think like that too? Have sugestion what is problem?


         workgroup = Main
         netbios name = Pub
         server string = Fail server
         security = share
         path = /date/Dep1
         comment = Dep1
         read only = Yes
         read list = dep1
         writable = No
         path = /date/Dep2
         comment = Dep2
         read only = No
         force user = dep2
         writable = Yes

have good day,


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