[Samba] Profiles tool doesn't write changes!

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jun 8 20:46:36 GMT 2005

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Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
| Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
| | Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:
| |
| | | It does not work with profiles created in XP and newer.
| |
| | Really ?  Strange.  Should be the same regf file format.
| Have you tried reading NTUSER.DAT files using
| your registry library?
| AFAIK, there are at least three different registry formats:
| - CREG (used by Win9x)
| - regf (used by NT4, Win2k)
| - winxp (used by Windows XP for some registry hives;
| it still uses the Win2k format for the others)

Yeah.  I'm familiar with them, but every WinXP
user profile I have tested has been the regf format.
My regfio code could successfully dump the contents.
There were a couple of things that were strange about
offsets.  Maybe the profiles.c code is tripping up
on that.  I'll have to test more to know.

cheers, jerry
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