[Samba] I have just a question about Samba - client!

sylvain.le-nagard at valeo.com sylvain.le-nagard at valeo.com
Mon Jun 6 14:47:11 GMT 2005

In first, i want to excuse my english language, i'm a french guy!
I work in a big french company and we have just one problem.
We have all of our servers with Windows 2k serveur for Operating Systems; 
but we have in our network some computeurs wich are configured with Unix 
Operating System.
My asking is  : Can we use SAMBA CLIENT for the Unix computers can 
communicate with the windows servers; and if this action is possible, what 
actions shall we do to do that?

If you can solve my problem;
Thanks for your collaboration.

Le Nagard Sylvain
Service Informatique
Valeo route de Chemiré 72210
La Suze sur Sarthe

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