[Samba] Netware 5.0 to Samba/LDAP migration

Flatfender flatfender at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 14:43:39 GMT 2005

Dean I have looked at this as well.

 Here is the netware info I have dug up.

Netware 5.1 SP5 with NDS but no e-directory.  e-directory supposedly
makes it easier to interface with ldap, although since I am not
running it I can't confirm that.

First of all it is not possible according to Novell to be able to pull
passwords from NDS.  The have specifically made that intentionally
difficult.  I would believe it is possible to write a script to check
to see if the password you know is correct, but you would have to
start with a password first.  So if you created a script that prompted
 the user for a password you could conceivably use NDS to authenticate
and upon successful authentication use the entered password to update
samba.  Obviously this would require the participation of the user
base, so I don't see it as a viable solution.  I only have 50 users so
I won't be testing this theory :)  In any case here are two url's that
might help an admin with such a project.



Second the following URL is more useful, although the way Novell
created it there is no direct link to the information you want, so you
have to navigate to it.


>From that link you need to select "Directory Services" and then "LDAP
Configuration".  Following the information contained there I was able
to configure NDS via Console One to allow plain text authentication.
While I would only do this in a controlled environment, it is then
possible to connect to the NDS server via openldap's ldapsearch and
retrieve user information.  Within the LDAP configuration in
ConsoleOne you can map NDS attributes to LDAP attributes.  In this way
you could create an LDAP search to pull most of what you need from NDS
to populate your LDAP user tree.  Again you can't pull passwords, but
you could pull enough information to make ldif records and thus keep
yourself from having to hand-key user information.

Hope this helps

Matt Pusateri

On 6/6/05, Dean Landry <landryd at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'd like to migrate a Netware 5.0 serve to Samba and LDAP. I'm
> wondering how I might export the usernames, passwords, and perhaps
> group memberships to the destination LDAP. If I can get the data into
> LDIF form, I'm okay from there. Does anyone know how the passwords in
> Netware 5.0 are encrypted? I hope to bring them over, but reseting the
> passwords is not out of the question (just inconvenient).
> Thanks,
> Dean
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