[Samba] Re: Roaming Profile Mix-Up Between Users

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Fri Jun 3 17:30:45 GMT 2005

> Hi,
> roaming Profiles in a mixed setup of win xp and 2000 server will get you
> in failures ,dont do this ( or mess with profile bugs ).

What you are looking for is the %a macro.  Look it up in the docs.  What
you want to do is put it in your path specs so that Samba will
automatically put files for different Windows architectures in different
locations.  This will work but the down side is that you will have to
set defaults for each architecture also and you will have to be careful
about weather or not your netlogon scripts are architecture specific.

First "man smb.conf" Then "/" which will give you a page search tool
similar to the "Search this page" function in a GUI web browser. Then
you type %a [enter] and use the "n" key for next. Shift+n will take you

It's surprizing that so many, some of whom are quite experienced, don't
know how to search a man page. I suppose it's because that information
is itself something that you would have to search up in a man page. :-/

Jim C.

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