[Samba] Re: Unable to see linux filesystem with samba running

Matt Swift swift at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jun 3 08:41:54 GMT 2005

>> On Fri Jun  3 01:54:18 2005 -0400, Goel, Parveen (AS01) <Parveen.Goel at honeywell.com> wrote:

    G> Hi I am new to Linux. I am using Redhat 9.0. I have installed
    G> the Samba software, configured the smb.conf, added my client
    G> Windows XP box into the hosts.allow, hosts.equiv etc and
    G> started the smb service.  Still I am unable to map the Linux
    G> share on to my Windows XP box.
    G> "apac" is the name of the share I have created on my Linux
    G> VMware machine "as01pgoelvm1"

Before worrying about the WinXP box, you should first confirm that
your Windows network is behaving as expected between Linux and VMware,
and between Linux and WinXP.  If you're using VMware, your networking
setup is among THREE virtual machines on two real machines:

  VMware <----> Linux <----> WinXP

You say you have a problem with the connection between VMware and
WinXP, which only talk to each other with the mediation of Linux (low
level networking) and Samba (higher Windows level networking).

First make sure you can browse and access your VMware shares from
Linux with e.g., smbclient (smbclient -U user -L vmwarehost to start
with) or some graphical network neighborhood browser.  If that's OK,
create a share with Samba on the Linux box, see if you can get to it
from VMware.  Then check the Linux share from WinXP and vice versa.
Getting traffic to cross both segments may be a third step after the
first two, depending on how you have set up your VMware and ethernet
networks.  The possibilities for how you have set things up multiply
here, so if you continue to have trouble, I recommend you post again
with some further information on your setup and descriptions of what
you've tried and observed.  One tip is that you probably want to set
up VMware to use bridging rather than routing, or else you will end up
with the two Windows hosts on separate subnets and suddenly with just
two real machines you've got yourself a really complicated network
structure (one that could handle dozens of machines) -- probably more
than you bargained for.

Don't mess with hosts.equiv, it's for obsolete software you won't and
shouldn't use.

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