[Samba] Push install printers from a samba server

Jason Boles threepercentmilk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 19:03:31 GMT 2005

using some registry command line tools available in the windows server
resource kits lets you remotely and programmatically update the
registry on remote machines.  We have used these before to "map a
network printer" on the same machine regardless of who logs in.  And
permissions are not a problem because the user can always write to
HKCU registry hive.  So basically we replaced the key that has the
string "\\\\server\\printer" with the one we desired.  Make sure you
have the printer drivers installed before hand.

I'm not sure if there are similar tools for win98, but it worked on
NT4 and 2000 (XP wasn't out at the time).

I don't use Samba as a domain controller (only as a fileserver) so I'm
not an expert on what it can do as far as applying forest/domain/group
policy. Policies are just convenient ways to propagate registry

hope that helps,

On 7/20/05, lists <mailinglists at backbonetechnology.com> wrote:
> Hi there. I was wondering if anyone had a link to a good tutorial (or docs) in regards
> to setting up a push install of printers (HP 4200N) from a samba server (CentOS 4) to a
> mixed windows (98,2k,xp) enviorment. Now I have been investigating using a BAT file in a
> logon script, but the results seem to be unpredictable (maybe i am usign them wrong?).
> Then permissions on the target machine seem to be an issue (access denied) unless they
> are an administrator. Is there a way to ease the pain with samba? I understand this post
> skirts the fine line between an actual samba question and a network logon script
> question, but was hoping to pick the brains of some more experienced samaba admins in
> case there is a way that is slightly more intergrated with samba itself - and well you
> guys have probably been over this bump before.
> Thanks in advance!
> Dustin
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