[Samba] domain .vs workgroup

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Thu Jul 14 00:39:07 GMT 2005

A "domain" is really just a workgroup with additional security features. 
Samba makes no differentiation between workgroups and domains in terms 
of the name; the difference between a workgroup and a domain (and 
whether a Samba installation appears as a workstation, a member server, 
or a domain controller) is determined by the security settings.

In any case, the "workgroup" parameter applies to BOTH workgroups and 
domains and is pretty much required. Be aware that this is the NetBIOS 
name of the workgroup/domain, not the FQDN. For example, if you are 
joining a Windows 2003 domain with a NetBIOS (aka "Pre-Windows 2000") 
domain of FLINTSTONE and an FQDN of flintstone.local, in your smb.conf 
you would put "workgroup = FLINTSTONE". Case shouldn't matter, but I 
always use all caps, as that is the standard which Microsoft uses.

--Jonathan Johnson

Chris Aitken wrote:

>>For the workgroup name in smb.conf, we do not have 
>>workgroups, only a domain name.
>>How do I handle this.?
>Use it anyhow.
>We have a domain here (called SVS), but in the smb.conf:
>Workgroup = SVS

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