[Samba] Disabling Roaming Profiles with logon scripts or policy files?

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Sat Jul 2 12:26:21 GMT 2005

> Is there a way to disable Roaming Profiles on a
> Computer, with logon scripts or policy files?

yes, there's a way.

My Computer --> Properties --> Advanced --> User Profiles --> Settings

> I have a network with W2K Workstation clients, but we
> also have a WinXP Pro computer that we must use and
> cannot install Win2K. I have read that using roaming
> profiles between different windows versions can cause
> problems. So I thought i could use login services from

there can be problems when the same user usually logs from both windows xp 
and w2k workstation.

samba understands %a macros (which can be put in profile path), however I 
noticed that windows xp sometimes is recognized as w2k.

also, we were running mixed environment of w2k and xp workstation
where profiles were shared between w2k and xp. it was ok until we
started to use pptp/vpn, those things are different in registry, so
profiles got broken in a while.

> my PDC on that computer and avoid using roaming
> profiles. I can make local profiles for the 2 o 3
> people that will be using that computer.
> Thank you, and excuse my poor English.
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