[Samba] newbie help, please?

Phil Temples phil at temples.com
Sun Jan 30 21:09:43 GMT 2005

Re my earlier posting today: A little more work and persistence finally 
paid off. My problem turned out to be the firewall on the Samba server 
running Fedora. After going back to the aarly chapters in the book and 
doing some basic pings and telnets to the ports in question it became 
clear what was going on.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth.


Phil Temples wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get a Samba (version 3.0.8pre1-0.pre1.3) to play with some 
> WinXP boxes. I'm using WORKGROUPS, not DOMAIN. The server is running 
> under Fedora Core 3. And I'm following the troubleshooting chapter in 
> the O'Reilly book, Chapter 9.
> I cannot browse the shares from my WinXP machine. I CAN browse and 
> access shares okay as a client on the Samba server machine.


Phil Temples <phil at temples.com>

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