[Samba] Inherit permissions question (Please help)

David Wilson dave at dcdata.co.za
Sat Jan 29 10:35:04 GMT 2005

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply.
Yea, it looks like ACLs aren't going to really help me with this issue.

I think the best is just to get the Domain Admin to manually change the 
permissions after copying files to users' profile folders. This should 
hopefully not have to happen to often.

Thank you so much for your time, input and assistance. It's greatly 
Keep well.

Kindest regards
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> Hallo David Wilson,
>> Mmmmm... I wonder what else I could try ?
>> Perhaps it would easier if I configure ACL support and just set the
>> permissions manually each time a new file is copied to the users' areas 
>> by
>> a Domain Admin ?
> I think you doesn't need in this case ACL support because the Problem is
> still the same, or not ?
> Manually change the Permission seems to be the only way.
> Must you do this very often ?
> When yes, write a little Skript that change the Permissions for you on
> all userx/ Directory (maybe as a post exec script in the Share
> Definition).
> Greetings
> Thomas
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