[Samba] new printing patch for 3.0.10 may fix the 'failure to remove print jobs from queue list display'

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jan 27 17:16:13 GMT 2005

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Alex de Vaal wrote:

| The patch (version #2) is working; when I print from an
| XP client to a CUPS queue (queue on hold), the print icon
| appears in the taskbar of the XP client. When I remove
| the print job from the CUPS queue, within 30 seconds the
| print icon on the XP client disappears.
| I also added this patch from Jerome Borsboom to your patch.

Thanks for the updates.  Jerome's patch has also been
integrated into 3.0.11pre2.

| Is your printing patch Ok to use in production environments?

I hope so.  We're getting close to the final 3.10.11 release
and so far things look good.

| I saw that in the SAMBA_3_0 branch that printing/printing.c
| is changed with your patch, but your patch also patches:
| param/loadparm.c
| smbd/lanman.c
| smbd/negprot.c
| smbd/reply.c
| smbd/server.c
| but I can see that these files are not updated with
| your patch in the SAMBA_3_0 branch, or am I wrong?

smbd/lanman.c used the printing interface in some for or another
and had to be updated.

the change in loadparm was to default 'lpq cache time' to
30 seconds instead of 10.

the change to smbd/server.c was to not launch the background
LPQ daemon when you run 'smbd -i'

the fix in smbd/reply.c and smbd/negprot.c was to fix the
'tdb fetch failed' error messages.

cheers, jerry
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