[Samba] new printing patch for 3.0.10 may fix the 'failure to remove print jobs from queue list display'

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jan 27 17:10:28 GMT 2005

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David Landgren wrote:
|>| I'm using 3.0.11pre1 (compiled on the 18th) and looking at the source
|>| it looks like the patch is in (printing.c is dated Jan 4 21:30).
|>| Printing with cups.
|>| I am experiencing similar behaviour. I have 40 or so users
|>| pounding on a number printers, and by the end of the day some
|>| of them show upwards of 800 jobs in queue.
|>| I am seeing things like "attempt to delete job 3575 not
|>| seen by lpr" in the logs.
|>Please test 3.0.11rc1 when it is released tomorrow and let
|>me know if you still see the issue.  That release will have
|>integrated all the current printing fixes.
| I assume you mean 3.0.11rc3. I shall, and will report back.

No :-)  3.0.11pre2 was released on Jan 21.  3.0.11rc1 will
be released tomorrow (assuming today goes well).

cheers, jerry
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