[Samba] 3.0.11pre2 and wbinfo --users-sids

Ben Vaughan benvon at iastate.edu
Tue Jan 25 17:01:46 GMT 2005

Hello good people of Samba,

I've been working with the latest Samba (3.0.11pre2) and have noticed
that between 3.0.11pre1 and 3.0.11pre2, wbinfo --user-sids <SID> has
stopped working.  I have confirmed that going back to version 3.0.11pre1
(everything else being held steady) corrects the error I'm seeing.

#wbinfo -n <username>
<big long SID>

#wbinfo --user-sids=<big long SID>
Could not get group SIDs for user SID <big long SID>

The specific errors were these:

Jan 25 10:08:18 discovery winbindd[3795]: [2005/01/25 10:08:18, 0]
Jan 25 10:08:18 discovery winbindd[3795]:   cli_pipe: return critical

It appears that the command will be successful the first attempt after
starting winbind, but will fail every time after that.

Can anyone reproduce these results?

Does anyone know what might be going on?


Ben Vaughan

Ben Vaughan
Engineering Computing Support Services
CLUE Network SysAdmin
Iowa State University 

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