[Samba] Inherit permissions question (Please help)

Thomas Reiss thomas at mypoint.franken.de
Tue Jan 25 07:56:54 GMT 2005

Hallo David Wilson, 

> If the administrator(root) had to write a file (test.txt) to the user1 
> folder and I had "inherit permissions" turned on, then file would be 
> written as:
> rwx------ 16 root     Domain Admins     0 2005-01-21  07:07     test.txt
> Unfortunately I need "user1" to own the file, just like it's parent 
> directory, which is as follows:
> drwx----- 16 user1     users     4096 2005-01-21       user1/

I thing it makes Life easyer when you change the Group Owner to "Domain
Admins" and set the "s"-Bit and the Permissions to 770 on the userx/ Directorys.
So every "Domain Admin" can write files on the directorys.

Try this (or do this on a higher Directory Level):

drwxrws-- 16 user1     Domain Admins     4096 2005-01-21       user1/

Hope it helps.

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