[Samba] changing ldap passwords?

Tim Tyler tyler at beloit.edu
Mon Jan 24 21:51:10 GMT 2005

   Samba experts,
   I am using Samba 3.0.8 on an AIX 5.1 system with ldap authentication.  I 
have ldap working so that users can authenticate in their samba account via 
ldap.   However, I am trying to figure out the best method for allowing 
users to change their ldap samba account password.
    What is the best method to allow end users to change their LM/NT 
passwords for Samba via LDAP?
Should I be using smbpasswd?  Or should I be using the smbldap-tools and 
use smbldap-passwd.pl? Or is there another option?

Also, what do I need to set for privileges (ACL's) on the ldap server side 
to allow users to change their samba password (if any)?

  Any recommendations and hints about implementing it are much appreciated!

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College
tyler at beloit.edu 

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