[Samba] ACL Win XP problem

Bart Hendrix hendrix at worldpilot.nl
Thu Jan 20 06:17:46 GMT 2005

Hello Jamison,

I'm not if I'm right, but if you want tosearch for a username when you want 
to set acl, you have to do this as root. So if the popup comes up, try 
username root and the password of root. Then you will see al users and you 
can add / modify and so on.

Greetz Bart
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> Ok, I've been searching Google for two days and can't seem to find an 
> answer for this. I want to use ACL's, but I need to be able to administer 
> them in Win XP. My distro is Suse 9.1 and I'm running a standalone Samba 
> server.
> I can create acl's just fine in Linux/shell, and when I view a file in the 
> Security tab I can see and edit all the ACL parameter's just fine. 
> However, when I attempt to add a user I get a box asking me to search for 
> a user name. When I enter a username I then get a box that asks for a 
> username and password. However, no matter what username and password I put 
> in here I still get a message back that it cannot find the "object".
> As I've read through the posts about this in the past everything seems to 
> revolve around having a domain running, which we do not/cannot have. Is it 
> possible to add users to an file's ACL with a standalone samba server? And 
> if so, is there a configuration part that you need in order to add users?
> Thanks,
> Jamison Stepan
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