[Samba] ACL Win XP problem

Jamison Stepan jamison at dupadee.net
Wed Jan 19 21:37:03 GMT 2005

Ok, I've been searching Google for two days and can't seem to find an 
answer for this. I want to use ACL's, but I need to be able to 
administer them in Win XP. My distro is Suse 9.1 and I'm running a 
standalone Samba server.

I can create acl's just fine in Linux/shell, and when I view a file in 
the Security tab I can see and edit all the ACL parameter's just fine. 
However, when I attempt to add a user I get a box asking me to search 
for a user name. When I enter a username I then get a box that asks for 
a username and password. However, no matter what username and password I 
put in here I still get a message back that it cannot find the "object".

As I've read through the posts about this in the past everything seems 
to revolve around having a domain running, which we do not/cannot have. 
Is it possible to add users to an file's ACL with a standalone samba 
server? And if so, is there a configuration part that you need in order 
to add users?


Jamison Stepan

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