[Samba] Getting write access to share

Ron HCCNet r.deen at hccnet.nl
Wed Jan 19 21:22:25 GMT 2005

 I have a SAMBA server (Mandrake 10.1/samba 3.0.10) and that has a share named 
Music shall we say. 
 I can mount the share (smb4k) and I see all files and all files show 
drwxrwxrwx (they are all folders accidently) 
 On the server permissions are rwxrwxrwx 
 When I create a folder or file from Linux (Client) the new file/folder gets 
drwxr-xr-x and I can not create anything in that folder. 
I need write acces beccause I create MP3 files from CD's and want my kids te 
be able to get to them.

 I have tried most settings in sm4k witout any luck 
Another strange this is that file on SAMBA that belong to "ron" show as if 
they belong to another member of my family. i.e. the UNIX userid on the SAMBA 
server is translated into the userid on the local client machine, I fiend 
that a BUG right? 

Someone of you have any idea?


Ron Deen

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