[Samba] Re: Using ssh for samba authentication?

Truls Løkholm Bergli Truls.L.Bergli at cc.uit.no
Wed Jan 19 09:32:31 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 22:30, Igor Bukanov wrote:
> I already use public key authentication in ssh and for this reason the
> additional password typing is annoyance that can potentially leak
> passwords. So I thought that maybe there was a way to start samba from
> ssh connection and assume that user already authentificated among the
> lines of sftp subsystem in ssh.

If you only use samba this way you could set no passwd AND make sure samba is 
only answering on localhost...

Or you could script the startup of tunnel creation so that you use normal 
windows commands for mapping drives, as long as the username and password are 
the same you should make it work.
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