[Samba] how to check IP addresses of machines in the network?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Tue Jan 18 14:02:15 GMT 2005

Thomas M. Skeren III wrote:
> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Well, I run ISC-DHCP so when all else fails I check 
> /var/db/dhcpd.leases.  All dhcp servers that I know of, have a way to 
> check leases.

The problem is, DHCP server is in my case a small Linksys router box.
It's rather problematic to check leases there.

Second problem, I have several of these devices, so checking would be 
even more troublesome.

So, if there is no better way, I think I would have to check wins.dat 
file on a PDC machine (it's also w WINS server), it seems to have a copy 
of all netbios names with corresponding IPs.

It's not very readable, but with some parsing I think I will have what I 
want (as a html page even to make things easier).

But what if someone like me doesn't use WINS?
smbclient -L would be great if it could show IP addresses, too.


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