[Samba] Two Samba Servers in one domain ?

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Tue Jan 18 07:24:01 GMT 2005

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> remote schrieb:
>>>it's possible, but only 1 can be PDC.
>> Yes, but I don´t want either of them to be the PDC anyway. I have a small 
>> network with official IPs (some Windows, some Linux) and two computing 
>> clusters with a range of private IPs each.
>> Each cluster is connected to the machines on the official IP range via a 
>> gateway machine with two NICs, one for the private and one for the 
>> official IP range.
>> Several directories on the cluster nodes are mounted to the respective 
>> gateway box via NFS and I now to try to make these directories available 
>> to the Windows machines via SAMBA.
> until here i did understand (i hope)...
> summary:
> - global network is (a)
> - private segment (b)
> - private segment (c)
> you've linked directories via NFS on gw(a) and gw(b) and you want to 
> access from clients in the private networks.
> if it's the best solution will be another question, but...

Actually, you got it the wrong way around... :)
My Windows machines are in the global network, the aim is that they can 
access the chosen directories within the private segments. Your solution 
should be applicable anyway, though (I hope).
BTW, what would be the best solution, in your opinion ?

> no problem:
> - install samba on the gw's (2.2.9)
> - use "interfaces" and "bind interfaces only" to ensure, that samba 
> answers only in the private network.
> - use "domain master = no" if there's already servers in the networks,
> - create a share entry, that points to the NFS structure on the given gw.
>> Is this possible with only one Samba server ? If so, how ? Thanks,
>> Jörg

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