[Samba] XP SP2 offline files sync delay (again)

David Black dave at jamsoft.com
Thu Jan 13 17:36:02 GMT 2005

Thought I'd reply to the list with a follow-up:

- If I uninstall my Cisco VPN client software, the delay goes down to 16 
sec.  Perhaps a newer version will work better with SP2.

- My PDC and backup PDC are dual-homed, and the client is (erroneously) 
trying to contact each one of their private interfaces, with 4 second 
timeouts - hence the 16 sec delay above.  I logged this on my firewall.

I'm going to post separately about dealing with a multi-homed situation.


David Black wrote:

> We make heavy use of offline files, and with Windows XP SP1, all is 
> well.  However, when I install SP2, something breaks with the offline 
> files sync operation - there is a ~60 sec. delay and I'm not sure the 
> syncs even happen.  Domain logins, mapping drives, browsing, etc. all 
> seem OK with SP2.

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