[Samba] user manager and set primary group script questions

samuele enlargeyourlinux at yahoo.it
Wed Jan 12 18:13:35 GMT 2005

Hi to all,
i succesfully migrated an nt4 domain (with windows xp, 2kpro and nt4 
workstation client).
Now we are running samba with ldap backend on two Gentoo-Linux boxes 
as pdc and bdc. All went smoothly, but i have a couple of unresolved 
minor issues. The first
is with user manager. When i try to set "user cannot change password" 
flag in the user
properties i get an error. The error is "the function is not correct"
(i'm not sure if it's exact becase i translate it from italian).
The second issue is with the set primary group script. If i leave it in 
smb.conf i have two
- NT4 workstation cannot succesfully join the domain. xppro client and 
2000pro can
join successfully the domain
- the function set primary group in user manager doesn't work (this is 
not a big issue for me)
If i comment set primary group script in smb.conf i'm able to join 
domain and to set primary
group with user manager.
It is safe to comment out this directive? It's required in some way?


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