[Samba] Sharing a vfat partition

Benjamin Bach bab at robinhus.dk
Mon Jan 10 10:16:42 GMT 2005

Hi Everybody!
I'm sharing my VFAT partition on computer #1.
Computer #2 can both read and write stuff on computer #1, but every
once in a while - could be like 1 in 3 - my XP on computer #2 will
say "file system error". The second error will say something about
the file being locked.
Then I changed my smb.conf to make samba say that my share
was a FAT (instead of NTFS) and I removed ACL support (=no file
lock errors).
No problems now!
And I guess this ended up being all just a tip...
VFAT is probably the best kind of partition to share your documents
on since all OS can read it and Samba can, too.

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