[Samba] samba as PDC not working after switch to debian

amir at lamech.se amir at lamech.se
Mon Jan 10 10:11:06 GMT 2005

Hi !

I changed a working sama PDC installation on a box that used to run
slackware 8.1 to debian 3.0 (woody)
The previous samba version was 2.2.4 and now it is 2.2.3a-14.1.

When i try to login the clients i get an error message saying somethibng
about that the rights are wrong and that it won't load the server profile.
The netlogon script gets executed though.

The old /home got copied to the new location with the following command.

#find . -xdev | cpio -pm /home

Any suggestions on what to do?


Amir Mechouk

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