[Samba] Migrating from NT4 to samba (do I still need a domain?)

Paul Smith paul at gami.com
Wed Jan 5 20:31:17 GMT 2005

> Withouth a domain, where will your user definitions come from?
> Do people log in with the 'this computer' entry or are they 
> logging in with your domain specified?  If you don't have a 
> domain then you will have to run around and make users on 
> all the workstations.

A fair comment - I guess that in the interests of my making the switch
as invisible as possible to the users (and my sanity) I should look at
replacing the NT4 domain with a samba domain, yes.

I'd still like the single-box solution.  I don't have hundreds or
thousands of users so, performance-wise, can I still have the domain
authentication and file server on the same box?



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