[Samba] LDAP+samba dc docs

Hans du Plooy hansdp at newingtoncs.co.za
Wed Jan 5 19:07:06 GMT 2005


Could someone please point me towards good documentation for setting up samba3 
as a DC and using ldap for authentication.  The part I'm having trouble with 
is setting up ldap in the right way, and the ldap docs are a bit confusing.

I'm also looking for good docs on upgrading a DC from samba2.x to samba3, 
while upgrading the whole OS (SuSE 8.0 to SUSE 9.2).  I have extracted the 
SID from the old box and figured out how to put it in the new one, but I'm 
not sure what else I have to look out for.

Any help or links would be appreciated

Thank you
Kind regards
Hans du Plooy
Newington Consulting Services
hansdp at newingtoncs dot co dot za

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