[Samba] question regarding libsmbclient ´ s command lseek

Max Giesbert mgiesbert at david-gmbh.de
Wed Jan 5 15:51:40 GMT 2005

hi everyone,

hope this is the right place to post. please tell me if there´s a better 

my question is:
to get the filesize of a file on an computer running xp sp1 i use the 
following command: long fileLength = smbc_lseek(my_fileHandle_, 0, 
SEEK_END) ; sadly it always returns just the offset(here 0). using 
SEEK_PUT or SEEK_CUR work as exspected...

i am using samba 3.0.10 on fedora core 3 x86.

can anyone tell if my approach is correct or what i am doing wrong?

thx for your help


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