[Samba] really needs help on compiling samba 3.0.9 with ldap

Adi Nugraha adi at westindo.co.id
Wed Jan 5 03:48:06 GMT 2005

already did and this is what I got :

Builtin modules:
    pdb_smbpasswd pdb_tdbsam pdb_guest rpc_lsa rpc_reg rpc_lsa_ds rpc_wks
rpc_net rpc_dfs rpc_srv rpc_spoolss rpc_samr idmap_tdb auth_rhosts auth_sam
auth_unix auth_winbind auth_server auth_domain auth_builtin

and I don't see any LDAP module built in, I decided to recompile it because
when i tried pdbedit on a LDAP backend, samba shows that it was unable to
find the ldap module, so can anyone help me with this issue, and as I've
said I'm running Mandrake 9.1, the documentation doesn't seem to have
anything specific to Mandrake


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> >I compiled it just to make sure that there is ldap support in this
> >installations, my previous installations didn't have ldap support because
> >was unable to compile with ldap activated
> >
> >
> Rather than going through all the pain of possibly unnecessarily
> compiling, first try running
> smbd -b
> and grep for LDAP.  This will tell you for sure what you've got compiled
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