[Samba] Re: a question about acl's... [solution]

Xavi León Javier.Leon-Gutierrez at upc.edu
Mon Jan 3 17:06:03 GMT 2005

Hi all!

well, just a few hours after writing the mail to the list i found a solution 
jeje I was working on it for 1 week with no success and now... :)

The solution is just putting the option "hide unreadable = yes" in the 
smb.conf in the share you want to hide the dirs/files that are not readable
for the user.

If you want it for all the shares you can put it in the global section.

Thx anyway! (to the people who readed me and searched a little :p)
Send me your success or fails to know if it's the correct solution (for me 
it works)


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