[Samba] Re: Error messages every 32min after Win2k security update

Marc Sherman msherman at projectile.ca
Sun Jan 2 12:55:02 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> As a rule, we don't rule these things out that easily.  I would properly
> investigate the network layer, just in case.  CIFS is unique in the way
> it holds open long sessions which can be rather sensitive to
> disconnection (with subsequent failures in oplock breaks, and other
> things).

If this is a network hardware problem, do you think it's safe to say 
that the problem lies in the win2k client, not the samba server, since 
the messages only occur when that particular win2k client is 
on/accessing a share?  This makes me even more sceptical, as this win2k 
machine is my primary desktop, and it gets a _lot_ of network use; I 
really think I would have noticed a network problem.  But I'm willing to 
entertain the possibility.

Is there any kind of samba debug setting I can enable that will give 
more detail on what Samba is doing with the client when the client 

Can you recommend any network diagnostics I can run on the win2k client?

> As to this particular error, if the client isn't complaining, it may
> just mean that the client disconnected from the server, in an abrupt
> manner.  The new 'timing' basis might be due to something now touching
> the connections every 30 mins.  I'm a bit more worried however, because
> of the 'breaks on access' part - it smells like the kind of issue that
> bad network hardware brings up.

Looking into it further, it seems to be specifically "breaks on first 
access".  It seems like there's some kind of initial handshake that's 
occuring on first use of the shares mounted from the server, and also 
every 32m, that's failing, but all other samba usage is succeeding.  I 
can also browse/access shared folders on the other winxp machine from 
this win2k client just fine.

Thanks for the continued assistance,
- Marc

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