[Samba] Samba doesn't work on gateway system.

Kenneth Corbin kencx at peak.org
Sun Feb 27 21:11:33 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to get my Linux system to run as a File and printer server 
for the Windows boxes on my local network.  I follow all the examples, check 
all of the trouble shooting guides.  I can access the shares from the server 
itself with smbclient, the but windows box never sees it.

What I didn't mention is that system is also the internet gateway for the 
network.  It has two network cards, one for the local network, and a second 
one hooked to a DSL modem.  What seems to be happening is that Sambo is 
sending out broadcasts on the internet link, and never talking on the local 
LAN network.  Which is incredibly unsurprising because TCP/IP routing is 
configured with the internet link as the default gateway.

Now I'm stuck.  How can I tell samba to only broadcast on the local domain


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