[Samba] Building two redundant servers without clustering

"M. Müller" malte.mueller at ewetel.net
Sun Feb 27 14:40:33 GMT 2005

Ilia Chipitsine schrieb:

>> Thanks a lot,
>> Malte M?ller
>> BBS1 Emden
>> P.S.: My current plans for hardware are two servers, each made up of:
>> ASUS A8N-SLI plus 2 SATA (WD or Seagate) drives as RAID0 or JBOD.
> SATA sucks. choose SCSI.
> anyway You are going to pay more for hardware, so why to choose SATA ?

Why should SATA suck? Several comanies build RAIDs with ATA or SATA 
drives (e.g. Transtec). Anyway, I get three years warranty and some 
drives are said to hold that promise. A full fledged server with 
redundant power-supplies and RAID-5 SCSI costs more than 2.5k Euro. A 
cheap one less than 1k. With PCIe it should be possible to get the 
necessary I/O bandwidth.

Thanks for your comment,
Malte Müller

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