[Samba] [abuse #255766] Systems Support Online Autoreply

Support Online abuse at wreq.ikano.com
Sun Feb 27 06:16:11 GMT 2005

***** This an automatic response to confirm that we have 
received your recent report regarding a Network Abuse or 
Security incident involving an IKANO Communications 
partner, and are taking the following actions to resolve 
the issue. *****
The subject of your e-mail was:
	Postmaster, Ġėţ ready for Romáňćė in 15 míns - Ġėţ  Ċĩàĺĩŝ  softatábs at  upto   80℅    Ðĩŝćõùʼnţ                
The information that you have provided will be used to 
investigate the incident for violations of our our User 
Agreement and Appropriate Use Policy. 
Once the investigation is complete, action in accordance 
with our policies will be taken against the offending 
account. IKANO Communications maintains a "zero tolerance" 
policy towards spam and network abuse at all times and 
all users.                
Please note that e-mail and news abuse complaints that are 
received without the complete header information will be 
ignored and deleted from the system. This is because we 
cannot investigate your complaint without this information.
The header information must include the following 
1. The IP Address of the original sender.
2. The time and date the message was received by each e-
mail server. This must include the time zone or GMT time 
Please refer to your e-mail program's help file for 
instructions on how to send the headers. Please be aware 
that simply attaching an e-mail or forwarding an e-mail 
does not send us the headers. These messages will be 
automatically deleted from the system.
You may also read more about properly reporting SPAM by 
going to the following URL:            
If you are a member of our MailRover program and are 
reporting a message that you received that was not blocked 
by MailRover, please forward the message, again it must 
include headers, to doghouse at mailrover.net.
If you are reporting an active network attack, please send 
a copy of your report to security at ikano.com.
This may be the last reply that you receive regarding your 
complaint.  Please do not, however, interpret a lack of 
response as a lack of action taken. Please be assured that 
if we find that a customer is in violation of our 
that we will take the necessary action to stop the 
in question.
Thank you,                
Network Security and Abuse Response Team
IKANO Communications      
...the Internet Branding Company
abuse at wreq.ikano.com      

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