[Samba] Request for advice on where to look...

STeve Andre' andres at msu.edu
Sun Feb 27 07:33:54 GMT 2005

   I have a samba 3.0.11 machine running on OpenBSD 3.6.  This is a
replacement for a 2.2.x machine running on OpenBSD 3.4.  The new
system is working just fine for all the existing Windows clients, but
I have found that I am having problems with new machines.

   On the original machine I could introduce a machine to my own
domain using the usually Win2K properities tab, and specify the
account root and its pw.  I've found that on the new system, I can't
do that.  I didn't discover this problem with the new machine 'till
just now, since the existing clients never saw any change from
their viewpoint.  I moved the passwd files and /etc/samba to the
new system and I'd thought all was well.

   So then, can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation
that will help me figure this out?  From what I've been looking at I
haven't found anything that sheds light on this.  Any particular
"gotchas" in going from version 2 to 3?

   Apologies if I'm missing something really obvious here.   Just
tell me what I should be reading...

Thanks all,   STeve Andre'

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