[Samba] Re: 3.0.11 <-> print driver with extensions (for ex Xerox-Phaser7700)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Feb 25 14:57:24 GMT 2005

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christoph.beyer at desy.de wrote:
| Hi Jerry et al,
| I upgraded a while ago and everything looks
| fine at the first glance ;-)
| Though I discovered a huge problem with
| drivers that have some extended features/cards
| like the Xerox-Phaser7700. The driver installs
| just fine on the server but the extensions
| are not visible afterwards. Far more
| annoying: Clients can not install the
| driver, they get the 'no driver on server
| for queue XY, want to install local driver...'
| message. I attached a level 10 debug (sorry
| for the size). These drivers where running fine in
| older versions of samba (for ex 3.0.5) so
| it's probably a n older well-known problem (?)

Can you send me a copy of the drivers off list ?
Or a download URL?

cheers, jerry
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