[Samba] Printer Connection - Time Sync

Dr. Marcus A. Hubert hubert at uni-bonn.de
Fri Feb 25 14:51:47 GMT 2005

Hi, mailing list,

I'm running Samba 3.0.7 on a SuSE 9.2 with W2K and WXP clients.

Establishing a connection to a network printer works fine when I use the 
windows explorer (right click on the printer share -> connect). The 
connected printer can be used with all windows applications.

But now I want an automatic connection. So I have written a logon script 
using the 'net use \\server\printer' command. But in this case the 
printer is not browsed in the printer dialogue of any application. On 
the other hand the printer is listed when I type 'net use' at the 
command prompt, but is does not work with applications. Any ideas 
regarding this problem?

Furthermore I try to synchronise the client time with the server time by 
running 'net time \\server /set /yes' during the logon process. But 
since the ordinary user can't change the system time this doesn't work. 
Is there any possibility to change this user right or to run the logon 
script with administrator rights without changing the local client 
configuration? I've been searching for a group policy that controls the 
rights for changing the system time, but all I have found was a local 
policy that can only be changed when sitting in front of the client.

Thank you and best regards


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