[Samba] smbumount hangs

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Feb 25 13:46:56 GMT 2005

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Michael H. Warfield wrote:

|> Although this is SMB related this is the
|> wrong list for this problem.  This is a
|> SAMBA list not an SMBMOUNT list.
| 	Oh?  Being one of the former maintainers of
| smbmount/smbumount and smbfs in the kernel, last
| I looked smbmount and smbumount were part of the
| Samba package and have been since before I was
| managing it (and I handed off to someone else
| on the team years ago).  Is there some other
| place where people are discussing smbmount,
| smbumount, and smbfs now?


no one of the team is maintaining smbfs these days.
Steve's work on the cifs fs is considered (by us at least)
to be the alternative.  smbfs problems really need to
go to the linux-kernel mailing list anyways.

Unless you are interested in handling the bug reports
again ?  I can assign all the smbmount category in
bugzilla to you if you like.

cheers, jerry
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