[Samba] smbumount hangs

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Fri Feb 25 04:15:56 GMT 2005

 Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 13:13 +1100, Geoff Scott wrote:
>> Nina Pham wrote:
>>> I'm using rehat9, kernel2.4.20-18.9, samba2.2.7a-7.9.0. I have
>>> smbumount hangs most of the time. Any idea?
>> Although this is SMB related this is the wrong list for this
>> problem. This is a SAMBA list not an SMBMOUNT list.
> 	Oh?  Being one of the former maintainers of smbmount/smbumount and
> smbfs in the kernel, last I looked smbmount and smbumount were part
> of the Samba package and have been since before I was managing it
> (and I handed off to someone else on the team years ago).  Is there
> some other place where people are discussing smbmount, smbumount,
> and smbfs now? 
> 	Hmmm...  What's on Fedora Core 3 seems to be part of the Samba
> package: 
> [root at canyon ~]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/smbumount
> samba-client-3.0.10-1.fc3
>> Regards Geoff Scott
> 	Mike
 The opinions that I have seen on this list before is that smbmount is
 deprecated.  linux.cifs should be used instead, and for that people
 should go here and subscribe:  
 The other thing that I have seen is that because smbmount is kernel
 related users should go to the kernel lists, or something like that. 
 Did I get that all wrong?  Am I just shooting my mouth off again?

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