[Samba] Samba - NT ACL implemented by Unix Posix ACL via Samba

Juer Lee juer.lee at plasmon.ie
Thu Feb 24 08:05:24 GMT 2005



Hopefully some Samba gurus are interested in some of my questions about
Samba ACL this is more in technical detail. 


1.       Why Samba always think the owner always has 'READ' access right on
a file, 'READ and WRITE' access rights on a directory? I checked the code of
posix_acls.c, those bits are OR-ed by default


2.       Try to create a folder via the Samba Win2k client(make sure there
are only base permissions on it - no any ACLs), right click on the folder
and go to 'Security' tab, choose the owner in the name table, tick some
check-boxes in column 'Allow' and click 'Apply', you will see two more
entries 'CREATOR OWNER' and 'CREATOR GROUP' are displayed - I understand
this is caused by that the default ACLs are created. But why the default
ACLs for the owner is NOT created?? The default ACLs can only be created
when the former steps are repeated.


Thanks in advance,



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