[Samba] passwd, smbpasswd, pam, etc.

Mi mi.lists at alma.ch
Thu Feb 24 15:02:29 GMT 2005


I'm aware of the password sync options in smb.conf, which synchronize the 
Unix password when users change their password from Windows.

But is there a PAM module or something that would sync. the Samba password 
when the Unix password is changed?

I'm not using LDAP. This is a simple Linux/Debian system with Samba 3.0.10 
and shadow passwords.

Also, how can I enforce a policy to have decent passwords, and have bad 
passwords refused, both from the Unix/passwd side and the 
Windows/Samba/smbpasswd side?

In this network, users have their passwords set to their login name!

Well, now that I would like to give them access to their IMAP mail etc. 
from outside the LAN, I cannot simply explain to them that they have to get 
into better password habits. I have to also force it on them.

Thanks for any help/pointers.


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