[Samba] Bringing a laptop to a Samba Network

Steve Cohen scohen at javactivity.org
Thu Feb 24 12:57:47 GMT 2005

Craig White wrote:

> whether inline or attachment - I have little inclination to read through
> a voluminous log. You really need to peruse the logs, figure out the
> questions you have after reading them and maybe a few lines from them.

Sorry.  I did peruse the log at some length, found the "Access Denied" 
line with nothing else that indicated WHY access was denied and thought 
someone more knowledgeable might be able to glean something from the 
log.  Evidently not.  But that's okay, your subsequent comments are 
leading me somewhere.

> Likewise, your comments and questions seem to be ranging...
> If the printer driver is installed or can be installed...then really
> your only problem is privileges - which would somewhat make sense from
> the 'Access Denied - unable to print' message but I recall that was
> pretty standard on 2.2.x if the user wasn't a listed 'printer admin'
> Generally, you can add a printer using the wizard and if you can't
> browse the network at home (which apparently you can't), you can either
> put in an entry in lmhosts file on the Windows machine
> (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts) or simply refer to it by ip
> address instead of name - where it asks you...
> you should be able to test these things from command line on Windows...
> net view \\

I think here we come to the nub of the matter - passwords and user ids.

I have other Windows boxes on the network and they are able to print on 
this printer without supplying a password or username.  These are home 
computers on a home network.  In smb.conf I have

guest account = nobody
hosts allow =
hosts deny =

guest ok = yes

This configuration allows the Windows boxes on my home network to print 
on the Linux box printer.

Why doesn't it also allow the laptop to print?

Can it be that since the other computers do not require a password logon 
  they succeed at gaining access as "nobody" but since the laptop does 
require a password logon, that this MUST be mapped somehow to a valid 
user on the linux system?  That would make sense, since I did see my 
user id on the laptop in the log.  Furthermore, the other boxes are 
members of the same workgroup as the Linux box while the laptop isn't.

I guess I was assuming that "nobody" was a catchall for all unknown 
users.  I guess that is not the case.  Perhaps that trick only works for 
workgroup members?  I will go ahead and try to set up a valid id mapping 
for the laptop.

> all one line - substitute the ip address of your samba server
> net use /?
> will list various options
> Craig

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