[Samba] Winbind - how to map ADS group to Unix group

Miles, Noal noal.miles at tdstelecom.com
Tue Feb 22 20:10:50 GMT 2005

I am running 3.0.10-1.4E on RHEL4.  The machine is a ADS member server. I
would like to statically map the ADS group "Domain Admins" to the built in
"wheel" group so all members of "Domain Admins" are in the "wheel" group.  I
have looked at the username map option, but I don't want a group of users
mapped to a UID (this would defeat what I am trying to do in using the wheel

I suppose it would be possible to write a script that would enum the ADS
"Domain Admins" group and add the users to the "wheel" group every X

Am I missing something?  Any thoughts on the best way to do this?


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