[Samba] Samba 3.0.11 smbd hangs

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Feb 22 12:48:58 GMT 2005

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olly wrote:
| Hi Guys,
| I have experienced an issue when the smbd stops
| responding, and after cannot kill the process, using

If you can't SIGKILL, it's a kernel bug IMO.

| A reboot cured the problem. I had the same problem
| once again a couple of days later. I realised that both
| times I had changed my smb.conf file directly, using
| vi, and shortly before the hang occured. The changes to
| the file were very minor, and the two were different
| options. Nothing appeared in the log, but my logging
| level is very low. Both times a reboot cured the problem.

There changes to how we reload the printer cache between
3.0.9 and 3.0.11.  I've never seen the behavior you
describe but all my boxes are running 2.6 these days.

| Now here is my problem - the version of samba was
| tested before going live,  but the problem was not
| picked ip, but now it is in a production environment, which
| I cannot disrupt until the last person goes home. I guess
| I what I am asking is what can you guys suggest I try
| in the small window i have to test it, to gather enough
| information for you to diagnose where the problem lies, if
| indeed it is related to the modified smd.conf. I will turn
| the logging level up to 10, but will have to stop samba
| first, so hopefully editing the smb.conf shouldn't cause
| a problem then.

You can run smbcontrol smbd debug 10 to set the debug level.
You might also want to run strace on the 'hung' process
(although if it is really hung, you won't get any feedback
here either).

| The server is a dual Zeon with Suse 9.0 kernel 2.4.21-273-smp4g
| with yast updates and samba 3.0.11.
| BTW, what is the actually policy for samba to watch for
| config updates? Is there a polling interval of sorts?

internal checks every 3 minutes.  grep for SMBD_RELOAD_CHECK.

cheers, jerry
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