[Samba] Terminal server settings.

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Tue Feb 22 10:04:50 GMT 2005


Ilia Chipitsine schrieb:

>> Hello,
>> Arnault Teissier schrieb:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm working on a full migration from windows DC to samba DC, and i'm
>>> actually having a problem with terminal server settings! I run a
>>> terminal server on win2k, but i would store all my user information on
>>> samba. Although, i don't find any documentations or info about terminal
>>> server setting with samba. Is it supposed to be possible to store it
>>> with samba and a ldap backend, and if yes, where should it be stored?
>>> Which attribute and how to modify it? That my last problem before to be
>>> able to perform a full migration to samba. Any advise, help or docs
>>> could be great!
>> A Terminalserver acts as a normal Windows-Client. You see now differenz.
> difference is in roaming profile settings.
> if You run terminal application (for instance within Citrix),
> it will use either the same roaming profile as regular workstation
> (and there will be collision with regular roaming profiles) or
> You have to use static (non-roaming) for terminal server.

We use Terminalserver (2k+Citrix) and Win-Clients since 1 year without 
special settings.
You have to look at the same things as in an Win-Client-Only Network.

I.E.: If you log on at two workstations, the last logoff will write your 


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